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                                                                         MUTANT PASSION

Dungeons of a fortress Château d’Arome count in kilometeres. In the southern part of hallways a herd of mutants’ve settled down for three centuries. The creatures, born thanks to a mysterious radiation, avoid others dungeons veterans. They spend whole days cultivate strawberries and passion fruit. Know that: it’s not an easy task in a such a dark and humid place. Mutants excel in it though. Every time the harvest is plentiful. However, nobody’s sure who and what for collect the harvest from the mutants?
Dare you resolve this mystery?  
Main notes: strawberries, passion fruit.

WARNING: premix is not ready to use. It is necessary to dilute it with a base. 60 ml bottle contains 40 ml of a premix. We suggest below the dosage of a diluted liquid:

0mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine free base,
1mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 3mg/ml,
2mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 6mg/ml,
4mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 12mg/ml,
6mg/ml add 20 ml nicotine base 18mg/ml.

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